Saturday, September 4, 2010

HP invented memory that works like the human brain

Hewlett-Packard announced a new technology development that will allow memory for computers or other electronic devices to copy brain function.

Unlike how the present submissions through electronic circuits are closed or open,the new technology, called memristor, will function as synapses in the brain, according to Stan Williams, HP researcher who began work on this project since 1998, reports CNN.

HP invented memory works like this: as the electrons move on the chip of titanium dioxide, atoms move very little, sometimes no more than a nanometer. These subtle movements record data stream changes.

New technology may be groundbreaking, if it works exactly as HP states. According to company officials, data transmission speed is 100 times faster than with flash memory.

Also, the memory uses only a tenth of the energy used by currently used memory. This means, for example, an MP3 player would be charged only once throughout its lifetime use, according to Williams.

If all goes according to plan, HP would be to market a new type of memory in the next three years.

Sounds really good to me!


  1. So we gunna have brain like hard drives now?

  2. japanese are gonna have live robots soon~

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  4. Well, get ready for the cyborg apocalypse becuase we're all gonna be living in bunkers and trying not to seem "obsolete" to those GOD DAMN... MACHINES!
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  5. u serious?
    Quite awesome, wonder what new technology this could bring forth

  6. 100 times faster is fast. Excited, I am.

  7. no its not, thats stupid

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