Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mixed feelings

I'm not even sure what to think about this, guys. But first, read up :

The Stig is Ben Collins - official


 BBC lost the lawsuit with which it was trying to keep secret the identity of the test pilot from their well-known TV-programme Top Gear, The Stig.
Ben Collins, about whom it was suspected of being the mysteryous man behind the  white suit, is free to publish his autobiography that will tell the experience of seven years at Top Gear.
BBC refused to confirm his identity even after losing the lawsuit, but the publisher who will publish his autobiography confirmed that the pilot of white petticoat is Ben Collins.
"This is a victory for freedom of expression. Ben Collins has to tell us a beautiful story about his last seven years as Stig, a story that will reach more people than just motoring fans." Reads the communiqué issued by the publisher Harper Collins.
Ben Collins is 35 and he portrays The Stig since 2003. The British rider competed over time in the FIA GT3 racing, Le Mans and Formula 3, and in 2003 won the title in Ascari, later renamed RSV V8 Trophy competition.
The book will be called "man in white suit" and  will appear on September 16.

So what's your opinion on this? I mean, I liked the shroud of mystery around the Stig, but on the other hand, they couldn't force him to remain anonymous. I'm curious of your thoughts.           


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