Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awesome baby is awesome

This kid can really put his rock on.

Good news, everyone!

'Spartacus' Star Andy Whitfield Is Cancer-Free & Ready To Return To The Starz Series

Spartacus star Andy Whitfield has been given a clean bill of health and is already training for his return to the set of the Starz drama series. “I’m raring to go,” Whitfiled said in a phone interview from New Zealand. Fans will be able to meet the actor at next month's Comic Con where Whitfield will make an appearance along with other actors and producers from Starz's breakout series Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
Welsh-born Whitfield was diagnosed with treatable Stage 1 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in early March during a routine checkup just as the show was about to start shooting Season 2. He began treatment immediately while production was put on hold. About five weeks ago, tests revealed that Whitfield was clear of cancer and three weeks ago, he completed his treatment. Whitfield, who thanked Starz executives for sticking with him and supporting him through his ordeal, has already started his own training for what is a very physically demanding role and will start vigorous boot camp training at the end of July.
While Whitfield was undergoing treatment, Starz announced a six-episode Spartacus prequel focused on two other characters from the series, played by Lucy Lawless and John Hannah. Whitfield will appear in two of the episodes and is expected to get in front of the camera sometime in October, giving him plenty of time to get in shape. (He notes that for the first season, he only had a month to prepare.) Upon wrapping the prequel, the cast and crew are expected to segue directly into filming Season 2 of the original series.
Whitfield shaved his head after starting to lose his hair during chemo but it is already growing back and he will have his trademark Spartacus hairdo shortly.
For 35-year-old Whitfield, the news of his cancer diagnosis came out of the blue just as the first season of Spartacus was breaking ratings records for Starz week after week and production on Season 2 was about to begin.
“After the initial shock – I was a healthy young man and had no idea that this could happen -- it was frustrating that the first season was ending on such a high note and we could’ve been rolling into season 2." But after that initial shock came “time to heal, figure things out and spend time with my family,” he said. And the experience has thought him some important lessons, like: “Stay in the now and enjoy every moment.”

The Funny - 31 August

Aaaaand today's daily funny pic is a facebook fail i found out randomly.
I hope it won't offend any of you guys.
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The Daily How To - 31 August

How to Arm Wrestle Better

Arm wrestling isn't always about who is stronger (like in the movies). Often times it's about the technique you use, and the way you move your arm. This short little guide will teach you how to arm wrestle better.


  1. First use the right system of muscles. Your biceps are small and weak compared to your shoulder and back muscles. Use your upper arm muscles as much as you can in your arm wrestle.

  2. Next, position your feet for maximum leverage. Position your foot (the same foot as the arm you are using) so that you can push off with that foot to get more force into your arm. Push off your foot to give you the maximum amount of shoulder and back strength in your arm wrestle.

  3. If you want to win your arm wrestle you need a good grip. A good solid grip will keep you from relying on your week bicep muscles and allow you to draw more strength from your shoulders and back. And hey, just for intimidation, why not crush your opponents hand a little?

  4. Finally work out your shoulder and back muscles. This will give you the best advantage when arm wrestling.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm sure everyone has heard about ...

Dave Chappelle. The dude is extremely funny.

Lol Apples

Apple's full genetic code was deciphered for the first time, discovery could lead to some apples and healthier than exist today, full of antioxidants.

As well, however, could create crisp apples in May, sweeter or stronger, perfectly adapted to harsh climatic conditions, reports the Daily Mail. Already a sweeter version of apple will be put in place by 2015.

According to New Zealand researchers, the first apples would have been after 65 million years, about the time when dinosaurs were not able to survive climate change caused by comet fallen on Earth.

The discovery comes just a month when scientists were able to decode the genome of wheat, is also mentioned in a report published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Today's "How To"

How To Choose a New Game Console

Getting hooked into video gaming can pose a number of challenges.

For one, you need to be familiar with the available game consoles in the market. Your choices are overwhelming. Why? They are all great, entertaining, and certainly - addicting. And if you are buying a new game console now, what you are looking at actually belongs to the seventh generation of console gaming.

Also, video gaming is quite an expensive hobby to pursue. In fact, recent releases on all systems are known to be priced at least $250. Additional controllers alone are typically valued at $25. So, obviously, you need to spend your money wisely.

Here are some guidelines on you can properly choose the newest addition to your collection:

* Newest versions. The video gaming market recently welcomed three hot tickets, namely: the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, and the Play Station 3. Each is as fascinating and interesting as the other. If you decide to eye any of these three new releases, you can be assured that your choice is never going to be wrong.

* Price points. How much are you willing to spend for your new game console? Play Station 3 is the most expensive among the three. You should be ready to set aside at least $500. Next is Xbox 360. Your budget should be between $300 and $400. Even though you can get a Nintendo Wii at $250, it is not at all a bargain.

* Game features. If you are going to let other people to play with your new game console, you have to consider the actual level of violence that it showcases. This becomes highly or doubly important when you expect children to access it, too. If you are looking for a family-friendly game console, Nintendo Wii is your best choice. Play Station 3 comes next and then, the Xbox 360.

* Kinesthetic components. Do you see yourself as "an active" game console player? Do you really enjoy the "physical experience" embedded in your video game? Then, go for Nintendo Wii. It can inarguably give you the thrill while playing it. It requires you to move a lot, allowing you to experience a totally unique gaming setup. On the other hand, Play Station 3 gives you two options: to find excitement using the eye toy accessories or to go crazy over the dance pads. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 permits you to control your video game with a steering wheel-type device.

* Game options. Do you prefer role-playing games? Then, Play Station 3 is suitable for you. What about those fun and engaging party games? If you dig them, look for Nintendo Wii. Do you have the kicks for on-line games? Well, Xbox 360 is definitely not going to disappoint you.

* Additional accessories. Think about the appropriate add-ons to your new game console. If you want to save time and effort, you should be able to determine those items before you make your purchase. Do you want a second hard drive? What about a DVD player to go along with your Xbox 360? Do you need to avail of an on-line subscription?

Hurry to your nearby local electronics outlet once you have made your big choice! Bear in mind that those new releases sell like hotcakes. Make your decision now.

The Daily Funny

Today's Daily Funny is actually a hilarious forum post.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some interesting quotes

I'll just start with some quotes from the cinematographic field.

Memento :

Leonard Shelby - I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if I can't remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still there. Do I believe the world's still there? Is it still out there? … Yeah. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different … now … where was I?

Natalie: What's the last thing that you do remember?
Leonard Shelby: My wife …
Natalie: That's sweet.
Leonard Shelby: … dying.
Leonard Shelby: I don't think they'd let someone like me carry a gun.
Teddy: I fucking hope not.
Bad Boys:

 Do you see the fuckin' emotion I'm goin' through right now?! That means this shit is serious. That means me and this motherfucker's not vibin' right now. That's what that shit means. 

Marcus, I just have one question for ya bro. How the hell you gonna leave my ass at a gun fight to go get the car!
Captain Howard: Ho, what did I say? Did you hear what I said? I heard what I said 'cause I was standing there when I said it.
Julie Mott: :[handcuffed to a steering wheel] Hi Julie, what have you been up to the last couple of days?" Oh nothing, just hangin' out, handcuffed to steering wheels.
Captain Howard: Until then, until then, you are Mike Lowrey, you be him, that's what you are, you're him.
Marcus Burnett: But I--
Captain Howard: You're him, I don't wanna hear it, you're him. And you, you're you, you be you, but not in front of her. You're him, you're you.
Marcus Burnett: Hey, man, where-where-where's your cup holder?
Mike Lowrey: I don't have one.
Marcus Burnett: What the f--? What you mean you don't have one? Eighty thousand dollars for this car and you ain't got no damn cup holder?
Mike Lowrey: It's $105,000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. It's a limited edition.
Marcus Burnett: You damn right it's limited. No cup holder, no back seat. Just a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls just draggin' the fuck along.

My very first post

This blog will be about random, funny stuff I find over the Internet so in the future I can look back and have a giggle or two.