Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Daily How To - 31 August

How to Arm Wrestle Better

Arm wrestling isn't always about who is stronger (like in the movies). Often times it's about the technique you use, and the way you move your arm. This short little guide will teach you how to arm wrestle better.


  1. First use the right system of muscles. Your biceps are small and weak compared to your shoulder and back muscles. Use your upper arm muscles as much as you can in your arm wrestle.

  2. Next, position your feet for maximum leverage. Position your foot (the same foot as the arm you are using) so that you can push off with that foot to get more force into your arm. Push off your foot to give you the maximum amount of shoulder and back strength in your arm wrestle.

  3. If you want to win your arm wrestle you need a good grip. A good solid grip will keep you from relying on your week bicep muscles and allow you to draw more strength from your shoulders and back. And hey, just for intimidation, why not crush your opponents hand a little?

  4. Finally work out your shoulder and back muscles. This will give you the best advantage when arm wrestling.

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